Shop unique laser cut wooden crafts like Japanese Lamps, wooden leaf with etched designs, wall decor, etc for your home and office.

All these beautiful wooden crafts are designed and handmade by my husband, Bogdan Berg.

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My shop offers unique and modern jewelry that caters to everyone.

I try to incorporate healing crystals in a unique way into my jewelry. Enjoy a statement piece suitable for any occasion enriched with crystals.

All my jewelry pieces are infused with Reiki.



Charming pin-back buttons to customize your outfit, backpack, purse or anything you can think of.

What a great way to express yourself!

The buttons are based off of my paintings, illustrations and drawings.
Each button is 1.75" in diameter and is made using high quality supplies by Tecre.

I also take orders to make custom buttons. Please use the contact form to place your order.



Make special moments even more memorable through the gift of handmade cards.

Each card is unique and original and is made with top quality card stock and materials.

I also take orders to make custom greeting cards for any occasion. Please use the contact form to place your order.


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